The Lazarus Project

Resurrecting hope for Christian victims and survivors of family violence.

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Founded in 2000, the Lazarus Project has operated as the intervention arm of The Ripple Effect, a nontraditional nonprofit domestic violence agency in San Jose, California.

The Ripple Effect was established in 1998, as a public health approach to the widespread problem of domestic violence. Its primary focus is the practice of prevention science through the use of research, education, and advocacy. As such, it is The Ripple Effect’s charge to effect change in the cultural values and social norms that perpetuate all forms of family violence, including: domestic violence, child abuse, rape, incest, child molestation, maltreatment of elders, sibling abuse and teen dating violence.

Based on a service model of cultural competency, The Lazarus Project functions as a domestic violence intervention program tailored to meet the needs and concerns of Christians struggling with issues related to abuse. Because Christians have a unique worldview that is very different from others in the secular community, we incorporate the faith of the individual into our service delivery. We understand that the values and beliefs of a person impact the choices they make. In addition, the Christian community also shares a unique language (some call it “Christianese”) that makes it somewhat foreign to others outside the faith community. Moreover, we also understand the language of scripture, which is of great importance to many Christian victims and survivors of abuse.

While it is not limited to serving only those of the Christian faith, The Lazarus Project is the only known Christian domestic violence agency in the Bay Area, and has emerged as a leader within the larger church community on educational issues on the topic of abuse.