The Lazarus Project

Resurrecting hope for Christian victims and survivors of family violence.

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Board of Trustees

The affairs of the Lazarus Project are conducted by a Board of Trustees who meet consistently, 10 times per year. Board members are expected to serve a two-year term, but are welcome to continue to serve after their term has expired. A majority of the Board includes former victims of child abuse, and survivors or family of domestic violence/incest/sibling abuse victims. Board meetings are open to the public. But because of the nature of the work, the location of the meeting is not publicly disclosed; interested parties must contact the office for this information. A portion of the Board meetings are devoted to corporate prayer on current cases, but the identity of clients is never disclosed.

Advisory Board

In addition, an Advisory Board has been developed to inform the operational oversight and management of the Board of Trustees. Those on the Advisory Board are serving strictly as advisors, and are not agents of the Lazarus Project, but are willing to lend their considerable expertise in the work of the ministry. Advisory Board members receive quarterly updates, including the minutes of each Board meeting. The make-up of the Advisory Board includes: a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, a certified public accountant, and the senior pastoral staff of a thriving church.

Covering authority

The ministry of The Lazarus Project operates under the apostolic covering of Dr. David Cannistraci of GateWay City Church.

Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies (AEGA)

The Lazarus Project’s non-profit status was conferred under AEGA’s group exemption, in full compliance with all IRS regulations. This arrangement provides an additional layer of covering for the ministry: not only an apostolic covering, but an operational/administrative one, as well. The Lazarus Project is in full agreement with the By-Laws of AEGA and its doctrinal beliefs are consistent with AEGA’s Eighteen Fundamental Truths. The founder of the Lazarus Project is ordained by AEGA.

The Lazarus Project is responsible for its own fundraising and financial management, but reports to both the Advisory Board as well as to AEGA for transparency in leadership and accountability in financial management.

Board members and the executive director are to remain under submission to the covering authority, and are to assume no liberties nor authority not expressly granted.