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New year, new decade, new website, new smile

It’s the beginning of a new year. A new decade has begun. And we’ve finally got our new website up and running, after much waiting, saving, and planning. Thank God (and Chad Grant, our amazing webmaster!).

The last decade was filled with trials and disappointments, but many successes as well. The Ripple Effect (the parent organization, of which The Lazarus Project is a part), celebrated its ten-year anniversary. In the time since its founding, our work has been on the forefront of innovation in domestic violence prevention, and has been shared in over 15 state, national, and international professional conferences. (You can find these on our sister site,

I’m believing that this new year will be filled with loads of opportunities to expand the reach of The Lazarus Project—and our new website is a big part of that vision. I hope you’ll take a moment to look through the pages and become familiar with the content.

Several years ago, I did a search of the web, looking for survivor poetry, and found precious little. Then, I published the first edition of the Poetry of Abuse collection, and those poems have since gone around the world. Several other domestic violence agencies and programs are using the poems from my collection to raise awareness about abuse. The second edition of the Poetry of Abuse collection, which documents my healing journey from abuse to wholeness, is on our site. But now, our website is publishing poems from other survivors as well.

In addition, our site will feature a blog, with this being my first entry. We’ve developed the “contact us” portion of the site, where visitors can ask questions related to abuse and the healing process in a confidential manner, and I’ll do my best to answer these inquiries in the blog. Also, because we offer the service of e-mail counseling, at times my responses (with all sensitive information deleted) will be posted on the blog, as the answer might be applicable to many of our site’s visitors.  Be assured that your confidentiality will be protected.

As you may or may not already know, The Lazarus Project is the only Christian domestic violence program (that we know of) in the Bay Area. We exist to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus to those who have been broken by abuse. We have served hundreds of Christian victims (and some non-Christian victims) as they walked through the darkest period in their lives, showing them that hope can still live, even when all their dreams have died. As such, this ministry is unique, and so very, very needed.

Many of the visitors to our site may have received a letter regarding one of our clients, a woman of faith whose need is both overwhelming and heart-rending.

“Rebekah” is a survivor of domestic violence. Most of her teeth were knocked out years ago by her abuser. Some of her teeth were lost due to infection. A disabled woman, she struggled to obtain dental care covered by Medi-Cal, as she could not afford it on her fixed income. Yet for 14 years, she was denied the care she needed. Finally, this year, she had her five diseased front teeth extracted, and was ready to be fitted for dentures; but now Medi-Cal has cut all dental care. She must now raise $3,000 for her dentures. It might as well be a million, as it appears impossible. But we know that with God, all things are possible.

Rebekah’s daily subsistence consists of eating applesauce, jello, chicken broth, ice cream, and shakes. The yummy holiday treats we all enjoyed a few weeks ago she can’t even eat—unless she can put it in a blender. Her Christmas dinner was Turkey baby food.

I am sending Rebekah’s need my first blog of the year in the hopes that this woman's plight would capture your heart as it has mine. We are soliciting directed donations on her behalf. Any money collected for her dentures and sent to our nonprofit agency, as a tax-deductible contribution, will be set aside for her dental care (if you’re sending a check, please write “teeth” in the memo line. Our mailing address is found in the header of the home page. Donations can also be made online by clicking the purple "donate now" button, through Just Give, a secure nonprofit donation processing organization). The Lazarus Project is helping to raise the funds to get her dentures—and so far, we have raised $525, by our donors who responded generously to this desperate need. Together, we can position her to have a new year that she can face with a smile.

And may YOUR new year be filled with joy, peace, and prosperity.

—Christine Hagion Rzepka

Posted on 01/19
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Welcome to The Lazarus Project

Welcome to the Lazarus Project website.

The Lazarus Project, a program of The Ripple Effect, ministers to abuse victims and survivors. The Lazarus Project portrays the heart of Jesus Christ in practical ministry, by being His hands and feet to those who’ve been broken and battered.

Posted on 11/29
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