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Don’t Be Distracted by the Waves


     I know that it can be very scary when we look around at our circumstances sometimes-- bills piling up, with no resources to pay them; a cancer diagnosis, with chemotherapy on the horizon; an upcoming court date, without  representation--but that's just looking at the waves.

     What do I mean by that? Well, you see, when Jesus was walking on the water, there was a storm. Do you remember? The disciples were all in the boat, afraid, looking at the waves crashing and the water slapping up against the boat, and they were in fear for their lives.  They were crying out, "Lord, save us!", and all of a sudden, they saw Him. And, for a moment, they forgot all about the waves and just looked on at the marvelous sight before them.

     Peter called out to Jesus, and He beckoned him to join Him on the Sea of Galilee. Peter crawled over the side, and instead of being submerged in the water, it was solid under his feet. He walked upon it without any problem at all, so long as he kept his eyes focused before him on Jesus. But as he walked, the waves crashed and the storm howled.  Droplets of seawater splashed his face --and Peter looked away at the raging storm. And when he did, he sank.

     Water enveloped him and the waves crashed over him, and he began to fear that his end had come. In between gulps of salty water he cried out in desperation, "Lord, save me!" And the powerful hand that took the nails for you and me reached down and pulled him out of his danger and restored Peter to safety.

     We all, at times, are tempted to do as Peter did. We take our eyes off Him and we look at our circumstances. Tidal waves of fear overcome us, and we sink into despair. But despair and faith can never co-exist. And so, we begin to get wet, and then we get even more desperate and we sink further into doubt and self-pity. And then, we drown.

      Now, I'm not saying to ignore your circumstances. They are real, just as the waves were that Peter was looking at. But what was also real was that Jesus stood there with him the entire time, and that as long as Peter kept his eyes on Him, he was able to continue walking, though the storm raged on around him.

      There will always be storms in our life. There will always be hassles and struggles that will tempt us to take our focus off of the Master who calms the seas. But He is our anchor. As long as you hold onto Him, you will never go down. You'll get wet, maybe even get drenched --but you won't go down. You'll only drown if you let go.

      So don't ignore the storms, but don't get distracted by the waves. Keep your eyes on Him, and you will absolutely see the victory, when the waves finally die down.  The key to outlasting the storm is just holding on to Him.

--Christine Hagion Rzepka


Posted on 01/31
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