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God saved my life (again) yesterday

      I was driving on my way to church, listening to worship music and singing my heart out (as I often do).  A gentle rain sprinkled, and my wipers rhythmically squeegied my windshield back and forth, in tune with the beat of the chorus.  I noted a flatbed truck in my lane, about 300 yards ahead, moving slowly though we were on the freeway.  Glancing at my rear view mirror, I saw a vehicle on my right, too close for me to change lanes to avoid the truck in front of me.  Though I was moving at the same rate as the other traffic, I hit the brakes to slow down.

      Immediately, my tires hydroplaned.  Everything whirled around me as I gasped, “God, please help me!” while clutching the steering wheel.  After a few revolutions to the right, I suddenly remembered what I’d learned about regaining control in a slide.  I yanked the wheels in the opposite direction, but instead of straightening out, I spun left a few more times. 

      In my mind’s eye, I could picture my navy blue station wagon being buffeted by the other vehicles, like a cue ball on a billiard table.  The sound of steel crumpling drowned out the radio as one loud crash came after another.  Then, all of a sudden, my Volvo came to an abrupt stop. 

      Disoriented, I quickly took in the scene.  I felt no pain.  Was I paralyzed?  No throbbing blood pulsated from injuries.  Expecting to be upside-down, or at least on the car’s side, I was surprised to be upright.  I surveyed the car and found that there had been no impact.  Had I only imagined it? 

      It seemed as if my car and I had been floating in some cosmic dryer, rotating around and around.  I almost thought I heard a loud buzzing sound in God’s Heavenly Laundromat.

      Looking beyond my dashboard, I saw the other vehicles on the freeway, all at a halt.  A silver four-door was only about thirty feet away. 

      I returned to my senses and realized that my engine had died, and my car was pointing Northbound on Southbound 101.  How could it be that I would have come through after spinning out of control, only to be smashed by the oncoming traffic?

      I tried the ignition unsuccessfully.  I waited a few seconds and tried again, to no avail.  “God, please make it start!” I whispered, turning the key once more, pumping the gas pedal repeatedly.  The motor roared and I almost leapt into drive –and then spotted the silver sedan, in my lane.  The driver sat there, dumbstruck.  I waved him off, but he did not move.  I waved frantically at the thirty-ish, dark-haired man, but his car remained immobile.  He stared, as if he could not believe what he had just witnessed.

      “Lord, would You move this guy?” I grumbled, as I motioned to the driver again.  Immediately, the silver sedan reversed, as though being controlled by an invisible remote.

      It was as if I were in a science fiction movie, with some invisible force-field holding the other cars back from colliding with me.  It seemed, for a moment, as though time were standing still.  I turned the wheel, making a U-turn in the middle of the freeway, while the dark-haired driver looked on, mouth agape.  I wonder now, was he staring at a thirty-foot angel sitting atop my moonroof?

      My life could have ended yesterday, but God chose to extend it.  There is no question in my mind that the scenario that played in my head was a devilish design to cut my life short.  It is comforting to know that my times are in His hands--as He showed me again yesterday--and that when my days on this earth are completed, He will call me to Himself.  May I make the most of the time He has given me.

 Christine Hagion Rzepka

Posted on 02/23
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