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Christian Abuse Support Group


Join us on the journey…

From Victim to Victor


A Bible-based small group for abused or formerly abused women
exploring common areas of concern and need for healing, including:

  • Dealing with Conflict – the Word’s Way
  • Explaining the Origin of Abuse
  • Freedom from Fear
  • The Role of Anger
  • Sin Consciousness, Shame, and Abuse – What They All Have in Common
  • Coping With Ongoing Abuse
  • Wounding Words: Emotional and Verbal Abuse
  • Control, Manipulation, And The Practical Truth About Headship
  • Is It Possible To Have a Healthy Sexual Relationship After Having Been Abused, Raped, or Sexually Molested?
  • Assertiveness, Aggressiveness, Passivity: Which is the Biblical Model for Women?
  • Domestic Violence, Rape, And Child Abuse As Spiritual Warfare

Each class meeting features time for a guided discussion on the topic of the evening, then a message from the scripture on overcoming a particular area affected by the experience of having been abused.

Weekly homework is assigned, but is not forced. In addition, each week a scripture verse is highlighted, along with a liberating truth to defuse wrong teaching and false beliefs that keep one trapped.

Prospective students do not necessarily need to be Christians in order to participate. They do, however, have to understand that the class has a distinct Christian basis. The following are verbatim quotes from participants in the last class.

What do you like best about the Victim to Victor class?

  • “Bible verses to back up material.”
  • “the opportunity to share hurts ands struggles with other women who have had similar experiences.”
  • “candidness about abusive behavior.”
  • “I learn things that I wish I would have known years ago.”

How has the Victim to Victor class impacted you?

  • “it has given me a clear concise bible-based outline for what I know of abuse personally. It has helped me learn to grow closer to the Lord by cleansing what man has done.”
  • “besides the very relevant and helpful teaching, the sharing and interaction in the group has been very helpful in understanding where I’ve been and where I am going.”
  • “I have learned about abusive characteristics and gained knowledge on how to spot and handle unsafe people. I am learning to be firm and to hold my ground for what is good and right. I am learning to be more assertive. The truth in God’s Word is even more alive and comforting than ever before. I have found safety and honesty in this group.”
  • “I have gained skills, learned about myself and grown while being surrounded by people who I know care and can relate to me.”

What would you like others to know about the Victim to Victor class?

  • “this class puts light & perspective to abuse and strength to move past being a victim.”
  • “The V2V class is a safe place to share and heal in the company of others who are also on a journey toward healing.”
  • “It is a chance to be with others who can relate to your struggles and to grow in ways you might not be able to on your own.”
  • “this is a safe class w/women who care and are very real about their thoughts and feelings. We all care for one another.”