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Resurrecting hope for Christian victims and survivors of family violence.

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Confidential Counseling

Counseling is available in person, on the phone, or via e-mail to victims as well as survivors of abuse. The Lazarus Project is the only domestic violence program in the Silicon Valley area that provides counseling for the long-term effects of abuse (the others all focus on the short term, acute crisis only --up to 5 years post-assault).

In addition, e-mail counseling is available for persons who wish to remain anonymous. For many victims within the Christian community, the sense of isolation and shame is even greater than in the general populace, as their abusers may be well-known preachers or local religious leaders. For wives of influential leaders, the fear of being “outed” is very real; the concern about their abuser losing their position in the church, and consequently, the family’s source of income, is not unrealistic.

Information & Referrals

A directory of community resources and services is maintained in the office, including a current listing of other domestic violence agencies throughout the country. In addition, numerous articles and books are available for the use of clients, students, and community partners through the lending library. The staff keeps abreast of the most recent trends in domestic violence research, as well as networking with local leaders and service providers.

Case Management

Lazarus Project staff assist clients in safety planning, but also in planning for the future-- in addition to helping them walk through the current crisis. Clients with children or other family members for whom they are responsible find that everyone in the family is affected by the abuse. Thus, each one of them will need to have emotional support and tangible assistance as they walk through it.

“I want my smile back”

Kara,* a disabled woman, was a victim of horrific abuse as a child and suffered domestic violence in her marriage. Most of her teeth had gotten knocked out, and the few she still had remaining in her mouth were infected and needed to be extracted.

Years of blows to her face had caused significant nerve damage, and she had become quite ill due to multiple organ systems being affected due to the damaged teeth. Her medical picture had become so complex that virtually no dentist or oral surgeon would see her. The extraction had to be done under general anesthesia, and the last time the procedure had been attempted, Kara had almost died.

After over two years’ effort in advocacy, and many hours in prayer, Kara’s advocate was finally able to assist her in locating a team of oral surgeons to get the teeth extracted. A prayer alert went out to the Lazarus Project Board, Advisory Board and the prayer team to intercede on her behalf. Kara’s advocate prayed with her in the operating room. Kara survived the surgery, and now is in the process of being fitted for dentures.

“The last thing he took from me was my smile,” Kara told the dentist.
“We’re going to give you your smile back,” the dentist replied.

*not her real name.