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Emergency Food, Clothing, & Cash

Occasionally a need arises where The Lazarus Project may, on a case-by-case basis, provide for a victim because of the extenuating circumstances caused by the abuse.

Emergency Food

Lila* and her teenage son were undergoing extreme financial hardship. Lila’s abuser, a vice-president of a Silicon Valley company who was well-off financially, had been ordered by the court to provide spousal and child support for their care. However, the abuser had previously promised Lila that if she ever left him, that he would leave her destitute, homeless, and penniless; he quit his well-paying job and was withholding financial support in order to punish her for divorcing him.

Lila had not been “allowed” to work during the marriage; now, the injuries she sustained from the abuse made her unable to perform in most unskilled jobs, and her lack of skills made her virtually unemployable. Because she still lived in their million-dollar home, she was unable to receive assistance from the government or from most traditional help sources. Lila’s advocate dropped off boxes of food, toileting supplies, and even cat food numerous times over the course of four years in order to provide basic subsistence for this traumatized family.

*not her real name.

Clothing Assistance

Cheryl* had been granted custody of her two-year-old child, and her abuser was ordered by the court to provide spousal and child support for their care. However, the abuser withheld the support in order to punish her for having left him. Cheryl mentioned to her advocate that her child was outgrowing his shoes, and that she had only open-toed sandals to accommodate his quickly-growing feet—and the winter season had just begun. Within a week, the Lazarus Project provided her with rain-repellant boots for her child, reminding her that Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who sees and provides, was her husband now.

*not her real name.

Emergency Cash Assistance

Beverly* had lost custody of her children to her abuser. The court, recognizing that he had two criminal convictions on his record for his past violence toward Beverly, wanted to return the children to their mother’s care. However, Beverly’s car had been repossessed by her abuser, who had purchased it for her through his father’s used car lot. When she had filed for a restraining order against him, he used his position to illegally retrieve her car, leaving her and the children without transportation. The court restored her vehicle to her, but her car insurance had remained unpaid during the time it was not in her possession; the court would not release her children until she could prove that she had valid proof of insurance. Beverly had all but $20 for the insurance premium, and would have permanently lost her children to her abuser had she been unable to come up with the funds to restore her insurance. The Lazarus Project covered the difference, and her children were returned to her the following day.

*not her real name.