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The Helpline

Counseling assistance is available via the helpline, at 408-225-2381.

  • Victims calling can obtain information about their situation, and can be linked to appropriate services throughout the county.
  • Co-workers, ministers, and concerned friends and family members call to ask how best to assist someone they care about who is experiencing abuse.

Though not yet staffed on a 24-hour basis, the helpline remains a vital source of support to those in our community.

The helpline saves a life – in more ways than one

Sydney,* a suicidal woman, called the helpline. Having just completed a smoking-cessation course, Sydney had been given the helpline number from her instructor, to whom she had disclosed that she had been abused. Isolated, and without any means of financial support, she was despairing of the difficulties of having left her abuser months before and was considering a permanent solution to her temporary problem.

With this being a secular referral, the response she heard from the counselor on the line was unusual, to say the least: “Have you ever been a part of, or have you considered the possibility of becoming involved in a faith community of some sort, to provide you with some social support during this very difficult time?”

Sydney acquiesced that she had at one time found great support from a church community, but had stopped attending when she had gotten involved with her abuser. She was given a referral to a church similar in faith tradition to the one she had previously attended, and planned to meet her helpline counselor for the first time there at the church. Her advocate with the Lazarus Project assisted her with court appointments and other practical matters, along with accompanying her to church functions and introducing her to others, widening her circle of friends.

Later, exactly one year from the day she had first gone back to church (based upon the helpline counselor’s suggestion), Sydney and her 12-year-old son were baptized into the faith. By Sydney’s special request of the pastor, both she and her son were baptized by her Lazarus Project advocate, the very same helpline counselor who had aided her in saving her life, had also led her into eternal life, as well.

*not her real name.