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Transportation Services

On occasion, a victim may need transportation to access other community services or to attend counseling or court appearances. The Lazarus Project has provided this service, also on a case-by-case basis, when the situation required it.


A detective from the Sheriff’s office called, asking for assistance in providing transportation services for a victim, Rosalind*, to be able to testify in criminal court against her abuser. Rosalind’s abuser had isolated her in a cabin in the mountains in Los Altos, many miles from town, far beyond the service area for transit. Moreover, he had broken her leg to keep her from running away from him, and she was having a great deal of difficulty walking. Rosalind’s advocate picked her up, drove her to her to her court appearance and back, logging over 140 miles round trip. Rosalind’s abuser was held without bail; he would have been released to have victimized her further, had it not been for the assistance of The Lazarus Project in getting her to the courthouse.

*not her real name.


Bertha* was in need of counseling services for herself and her children as a result of the abuse she’d endured and the disability she had suffered as a result. Her abuser had left her with a traumatic brain injury, which had compromised her ability to walk, write, read, or speak normally. The physical effects of the abuse had also affected her children greatly. Bertha’s advocate transported her to Victim/Witness, the state-sponsored agency that provides financial compensation to victims of crime.

Victim/Witness was able to provide for the cost of the mental health care for Bertha and her children; however, her lack of transportation made it impossible for her to access counseling services. The Lazarus Project advocated on Bertha’s behalf to Victim/Witness, pointing out that the injury she had sustained that kept her from being able to access transit services was caused by a violent crime.

Although transportation is technically not a “covered” service, the manager of Victim/Witness made an exception, ruling in Bertha’s favor. Bertha and her two children are now in private counseling services, which would never have been possible had it not been for the practical ministry The Lazarus Project provided them.

*not her real name.

Ticket to Freedom

In a continuation of a previous case, Rosalind* contacted her advocate for assistance in fleeing the state to be free from her abuser, once and for all. She feared for her life, should he be freed if not convicted. Still having great difficulty walking, Rosalind was transported by her advocate to Victim/Witness, the agency charged with assistance to crime victims. With their approval, Rosalind was provided a one-way ticket to the East Coast, where she arranged to stay at a spiritual retreat while recovering from her injuries.

However, the nearest train station was over a hundred miles north. The Lazarus Project not only aided Rosalind in packing and preparing her belongings for shipping, but also transported them to the Fed Ex drop-off location before driving her to the train depot in Emeryville. Because of the practical assistance provided her by The Lazarus Project, Rosalind was able to relocate to a place of safety, far beyond the reach of her abuser.

*not her real name.